Visa Cancellation services

We offer specialised service on cancellation of employment visa. We assist group cancellation or any individual employees in cancelling residence visa and working permit for employees once they depart company employment.

We also assist our clients, who want to cancel their present employment visa to take up employment with a brand new organisation. In general, the organisation or a company at the time of cancellation of employment visa will require you to close financial institution bills, return credit score cards, and cancel Water, electricity and phone contracts if applicable.

We at PROhub consultants can assist you and aid the process and negotiate for your behalf with your company to allow clean transaction for your new task. To cancel your employment visa, we will require an official passport, original entry permit and cancellation paperwork duly signed via the sponsor. A cancelled passport may be collected from the Immigration Department after the allotted days. We submit up your file for preliminary evaluate using clicking right here. Our specialists can come up with a comprehensive recommendation acceptable on your special situations

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