Starting a Business in Offshore

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UAE offshore company registration enables the corporate to registered in one among the trade zones of UAE. Offshore company – suggests that the special standing of the corporation in such a country. The offshore country company suggests that the corporate registered in the country, but, not like the country onshore company, all the activities of the country offshore company should be outside of UAE solely (with exception of the purchase of realty in UAE and holding of shares of different corporations in UAE). Offshore company city country will have to check account in the city, however, can't have a real workplace in UAE. It doesn't give the choice to receive over such company residency visas in the United Arab Emirates either. The offshore country company has entirely completely different standing, legal documents and applicable laws.

Benefits of offshore company formation:

  • Taxation is at 0% for both types of company
  • Corporate tax exemption
  • Foreign ownership is possible up to 100%
  • No limitations on citizenship or residency of company shareholders and directors
  • Both types can have bank accounts in UAE or abroad

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